Whole Goose foie gras

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  • Storage time : 4 year(s) in a cool, dry place, away from light.
  • Number of parts :
  • Ingredients : Goose foie gras, salt, pepper

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Description :

ThIs is by the Goose that foie gras has arrived in France, straight from ancient Egypt... Become rare these days, the majority of foie gras commercially offered comes from the duck, it nevertheless remains an exceptional product.

Subtle, delicate, it requires to be accompanied by finesse, both by the drink you choose as the bread which must be neutral and lightly toasted.

One of the best way to please by sharing a rare moment and refined.



Designations foie gras... How getting through, some landmarks:
  • whole foie gras

    only composed of one or more lobes of whole foie gras and seasoning.


  • foie gras (unqualified)

    Assembly of pieces of several lobes of foie gras and seasoning.


  • block of foie gras

    composed of foie gras finely cut, then seasoned and emulsified. It may contain pieces of whole foie gras.


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