Stuffed duck neck (3% of foie gras)

  • Net weight : 400 g
  • Price/kg : 23.75 €
  • Storage time : 4 year(s) at a temperature below 4° C.
  • Number of parts : 4/5 persons
  • Ingredients : Duck neck skin, meat of pork and foie gras duck, duck foie gras (3%), black mushrooms, jelly (may contain wheat, soy, egg, celery and derivatives), salt, pepper, spices, armagnac, milk proteins, lactose.
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Description :

Landaise specialty by excellence, stuffed neck of duck gathers in stuffing noble pieces of duck and pork, a bit of foie gras to bring a lovely balance in the mouth, on a bed of salad.

Open, slice, taste!

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