Candied goose wing (1 magret + 1 Manchon)

  • Net weight : 780 g
  • Price/kg : 20.38 €
  • Storage time : 4 year(s) in a cool, dry place, away from light.
  • Number of parts : 2/3 persons
  • Ingredients : Goose magret, goose manchon, goose fat,salt
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Description :

There are a few centuries, the tradition of force-feeding and the conservation of the meat by candying has arrived by goosee, before being modelled on duck...

The goose of the Gers, Toulouse and the Landes were the most famous, but the latter are scarce, rearing and force-feeding of the latter being particularly tedious.

Despite all, a few enthusiasts remain and four of them, in the heart of the Landes, are members of the cooperative.

We offer thus commonly called here "Aile confite" ', in fact goose breast and manchon candied all together.

Goose meat is renowned finer, and will delight with this 2 people jar without difficulty.

Simply make it back to the pan, fat side to make it crispy, baked skin side towards the grill.

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