3 blocks of duck foie gras from the Landes (3x100g)

  • Price/kg : 36.67 €
  • Storage time : 4 year(s) in a cool, dry place, away from light.
  • Description :

    A pack of three blocks of foie gras from the Landes, economic, practical to offer to your close relatives.

    Block of foie gras is a product easy to open, to enjoy among friends or family simply accompanied by fresh bread.



    Designations foie gras... How getting through, some landmarks:
    • whole foie gras

      only composed of one or more lobes of whole foie gras and seasoning.


    • foie gras (unqualified)

      Assembly of pieces of several lobes of foie gras and seasoning.


    • block of foie gras

      composed of foie gras finely cut, then seasoned and emulsified. It may contain pieces of whole foie gras.


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Détail des produits :
Lot 3 blocks of duck foie gras
Unit net weight 100 g
Number of pieces in each box 2/3
Ingredients Duck foie gras, water, salt, pepper, sugar, spices
Unit price usually recorded 5€65

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