Block of duck foie gras with Speculoos

  • Poids net : 120 g
  • Prix/kg : 54.17 €
  • Durée de conservation : 4 an(s) dans un endroit frais et sec, à l'abri de la lumière.
  • Nombre de parts : 3-4 personnes
  • Ingrédients : Duck foie gras Southwest origin, water, speculoos 8%, salt, pepper, sugar, spices
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Description :

What a strange idea will say some, sacrilege to others, but no matter... As would say our great cooks, surprising marriage but "it works"!


Generally foie gras appreciates spices, to be spiced, highlighted...


A good idea to surprise your spouse, make a small "blind test"as an aperitif with your friends...

Always accompanied by a simple bread slightly toasted.




Designations foie gras... How getting through, some landmarks:
  • whole foie gras

    only composed of one or more lobes of whole foie gras and seasoning.


  • foie gras (unqualified)

    Assembly of pieces of several lobes of foie gras and seasoning.


  • block of foie gras

    composed of foie gras finely cut, then seasoned and emulsified. It may contain pieces of whole foie gras.