Wild boar Terrine

  • Poids net : 190 kg
  • Prix/kg : 20.79 €
  • Durée de conservation : 4 an(s) dans un endroit frais et sec, à l'abri de la lumière.
  • Nombre de parts : 4-6 personnes
  • Ingrédients : Wild boar meat, pork meat, poultry liver, eggs, salt, pepper, shallots, garlic, thyme. Lactoproteine and lactose. Preservative (sodium nitrite)
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Description :

In an extension of our range based on fattened ducks products, our speciality, we offer here a variation of pâtés inspired by our know-how, made from game this time:

  • Terrine of venison
  • Terrine of Hare
  • Terrine of wild boar

we remain on a range of handmade pâtés cooked with passion, but offering more distinctive flavours of game..." "To accompany with a good fresh farmhouse bread and red wine from our regions with moderation)!